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Well, okay, I was a bit carried off with the title, but you know, this is really quite worth all the excitement.


Yeah, this is a picture of Key.


Isn’t that my headphones?

My headphones??  

My headphones?????

Well, as my sister points out,”That’s not YOUR headphones, you just happen to have the same headphones as he does”.

But isn’t that equally exciting? XD

My sis is currently mad at me because, apparently, I “don’t have the right to use the same headphones as her precious Key-ssi”.  Oh well, nothing she can do here.

So now, I’ll just need that lovely instant camera to become Key. ^^

Plus, a formal and sincere apology to people out there (if any) who reads my blog for not updating. I guess I got bored with this. I might update more when I start Form 6 college.

Now back to watch Boys Over Flowers. Bummie here I come!!!! I’ll bring GaEul with me~~~



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Mmm, yeah. I was bored. On Christmas. And since I was helping my dad out anyway, I used the leftover chocolate to make….


The tuxedo set. ..^^ I’m still working on the bride…




The Smash set…




And the SHINee set. I didn’t specially make the Taemin set, but then I noticed Taemin’s name can be formed using the existing chocolates. :*


Now I know what to get my friends for their bday presents, I’ll just make chocolates… :K

I was bored, so…

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Its no wonder I usually fail my exams if I continue to do this. -.-

Might add more after exams. XP

PS: Chiayi, I always treasure your comments ;3

SHINee — SM’s new boy group

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OhYoon, JongHyun, TaeMin, MinHo, Key (Kim Kibum 0.o)

S.M.旗下初高中生 Contemporary Band “SHINee”大公开

近日, 曾培养出宝儿(BoA)、东方神起(TVXQ)、Super Junior、少女时代等亚洲超人气明星的韩国SM公司,又将推出一支由初高中生组成的引领当代流行的全新男子组合“SHINee”。


contemporary band是指从音乐,舞蹈以及服装各个方面都引领当代的流行的组合。今后SHINee不仅在音乐上,还将在舞蹈上和服装造型上都带给歌迷全新的感受。”

组合名 SHINee 是将“Shine”一词与名词性词尾“ee”拼在一起的原创词(ex: employ-employee) ,其意为“受到光芒照耀的人”,有着要以多样的音乐,在不同年龄和不同国籍歌迷都受到喜爱的意思。


SHINee组合将于19日通过官网www.theshinee.com及 公开第一部宣传视频,并在22日公开出道MV和出道专辑,正式开始歌手活动。

另外, 预示着2008 年歌谣界崭新音乐倾向的‘SHINee’的登场必定聚焦乐迷们及广大的音乐爱好者们的视线。

Kay, can’t find English news, I’ll try to explain myself.

SHINee is made up of five middle school to high school boys aged 14-18, consisting of JongHyun, MinHo, TaeMin, OhYoon and Key.

The group name SHINee is made up of the word Shine and the end sound ‘ee’ like the word “employee”, meaning the group will shine in their career.

And AHHHH TaeMin is in the group!!! I’ve seen a picture of him once in a mag, when he was still a SM trainee. He was only 12 back then. I’ve been waiting for his debut since. Now he’s 14, lost his baby fat, grown taller and looks so much cooler. Still as cute though. 😀 There’s another boy I’m waiting for, he’s the same age as TaeMin, his name, when translated from chinese, should be MoonGyu. He’s cute too, but well, never heard of him since…

SHINee’s MV — Replay