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Well, okay, I was a bit carried off with the title, but you know, this is really quite worth all the excitement.


Yeah, this is a picture of Key.


Isn’t that my headphones?

My headphones??  

My headphones?????

Well, as my sister points out,”That’s not YOUR headphones, you just happen to have the same headphones as he does”.

But isn’t that equally exciting? XD

My sis is currently mad at me because, apparently, I “don’t have the right to use the same headphones as her precious Key-ssi”.  Oh well, nothing she can do here.

So now, I’ll just need that lovely instant camera to become Key. ^^

Plus, a formal and sincere apology to people out there (if any) who reads my blog for not updating. I guess I got bored with this. I might update more when I start Form 6 college.

Now back to watch Boys Over Flowers. Bummie here I come!!!! I’ll bring GaEul with me~~~


New Smash Xmas Wallie

Posted in K.Pop on December 6, 2008 by enchantedtears

Oh yay, new pictures, I’m excited. :*


I hope you like it.  ^^

Let me know if you can’t download the full picture, there’s something wrong when I uploaded it…

The wallpaper size is 1280×800.

I was bored, so…

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Its no wonder I usually fail my exams if I continue to do this. -.-

Might add more after exams. XP

PS: Chiayi, I always treasure your comments ;3

World Oppa Happy Birthday!!!!

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Yeah, title says all.

Just though I’d post. ^^


Smash — Never Ending Story and Emergency Perf

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Never-Ending Story

Emergency (BiSang)

Check out Naru’s killer smile!!! ^^

Both Videos have HQ versions, click on the vids to watch the clearer version in YouTube.
At least until I ask ChiaYi how to post the HQ version on here… :/

Meh Ish Back. :K

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Yes, I am. Because of HIM. :KK

Take a look, he’s uber cute. :*





He’s Jerry from SMASH, FYI. ^^

Here’s Naru. My sis is crazy over him. :3





Okay, now for some group pics.



Okay, I’m done with the pictures. 

I know ChiaYi will read this, so…

Do you know Kibum from UKiss is HyeongJun’s brother? 

Just thought I’d ask… X3

Oh, and Paran’s coming to M’sia. :*

Not that I’m a fan of them, but then U-Kiss is coming too!!

That means Kibum is coming… 

And after SPM too… T^T

I want to go… -sob-

Nice Korean Songs recommended by Fion. :3

Posted in K.Pop with tags , , on August 16, 2008 by enchantedtears

Yeah, in no particular order, I’m tired to think which comes first. X3

Blue Moon — Color Pink

Made up of DaVich, SeeYa, and Black Pearl, this lovely song by color pink is rather addicting. Plus, watch the MV, the main actress in the vid looks like my Physics teacher. :3

La La La — SG Wannabe

This song is really POPULAR!!! :K  La La La~~~~~ *draws circle in air using fingers :D*

Beauiful Life — V.O.S.

GyeongRuk is handsome… -dreamy eyes- And the Big Big Girl melody is lovely… :3

So Hot — WonderGirls

This song got me addicted to WonderGirls. X3 I *HEART* Sohee!!!^^ Lovely dance moves too, saw HeeChul imitating…

Nuna Nomu Yeppo — SHINee

Taemin, come to nuna!!!^^ Did you see the dance moves? Definite must watch!!^^

My love — J-Walk

Nice song, but DON’T watch the perf. X3 I hate how his face stays blank, even when he’s dancing…

Look Only At Me — TaeYang

Lol, the girls dancing in his MV. X3 Btw, my sis loves Top in the MV, I dunno why…

You Are My Heaven — SS501

Saranghae Saranghae Saranghae~~~ JungMin is still as handsome as ever…

Can you be my girlfriend? — TVXQ!

Yeah, old song, blame it on my sis for getting addicted to ths song again.

Cooking? Cooking! — Super Junior

Credits to the cute dance moves, and get well soon, YeSung!!^^