Well, okay, I was a bit carried off with the title, but you know, this is really quite worth all the excitement.


Yeah, this is a picture of Key.


Isn’t that my headphones?

My headphones??  

My headphones?????

Well, as my sister points out,”That’s not YOUR headphones, you just happen to have the same headphones as he does”.

But isn’t that equally exciting? XD

My sis is currently mad at me because, apparently, I “don’t have the right to use the same headphones as her precious Key-ssi”.  Oh well, nothing she can do here.

So now, I’ll just need that lovely instant camera to become Key. ^^

Plus, a formal and sincere apology to people out there (if any) who reads my blog for not updating. I guess I got bored with this. I might update more when I start Form 6 college.

Now back to watch Boys Over Flowers. Bummie here I come!!!! I’ll bring GaEul with me~~~


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