Haha, yeah, Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!!! ^^

In the mood of celebrating a new year, I’ll make a wishlist. For 2009. :3

CY introduced me to a website yesasia.com recently, and I want so many things from there. T^T

Here goes:

1. Mix Style Headphones




Mmmmm, pretty, yes? ^^ I originally preferred one which is black with pink stars, but I changed my mind. 😛 Why not take a brighter one? My sister however, chose this one:




I’ve actually bought it online, an it will arrive at around Feb 21. But for now its still on my wishlist.

2. Fujifilm Instax Mini 7S Pink Instant Camera



This is the exact same camera Key used and showed off in front of the whole world during his Thailand trip. My sister is still whining for it. Its a really sweet cam, though it serves no real function other than taking Polaroids and fulfilling my dream of owning something SHINee has. T-T Plus, its quite expensive. For me, at least.

Together with,

Fujifilm Instant Mini Film “Princess” Series for Instax Mini 7S


Again, this is the exact film Key used. He has one of these in his wallet. A picture of him and Taemin. Me Wants……. 10 of these = RM 52.2o. Dead expensive films. =.=

3. Super Junior Boys In City Season 2 Tokyo Set Photo Album + Calendar



-cries- The boys look so good in there!!!! I loved the Merry-go-round…… Its super expensive though, and if someone can get it for me… -hopes-

4. SHINee 2009 calendar


I asked my darling cousin brother in KL to get it for me, but apparently he forgot to. -.- And January is already ending… Taemin is really cute in the calendar though… And Key together with Onew…

5. CUTE CLOTHES!!!!!!!!









Cute clothes on really cute model= I want that!!!! 😡

The model’s really pretty. ^^ I love her looks. She’s Korean I think, since the brand is a Korean brand… But the pics are from a Japanese mag… -.-


2 Responses to “HAPPY CNY PEOPLE!!!!”

  1. Hey. Ya random I know, I found you thru Google searching for Key(!!!!!!!!!homg!!!!!!!!)’s Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 haha. I want mine to be pink too, but no thanks to the film XD

    Well anyhow. Hi 🙂

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