Top ten Korean Songs for This Week — Exam Edition

lol. I have to thank everybody who’ve been supporting even though I dodn’t update for soooooo long. 🙂 I love you guys!!!

So… Not much new songs heard, but still…

1. A Song Calling For You (Remix Version) — SS501

Quite an old song (since March I think), but still, look at JungMin in the MV at 00:26. AHHHHHH-faints from excitement- He’s toooo cute!!! -smothers with kisses-

2. Time of collecting my memories — Nell

I haven’t seen their perf, but according to CY they don’t look well, handsome. Anyway, the song is definitely nice. Like nice x infinity. It lost to SS501 because of JungMin’s cute looks lol.

3. Deja Vu — SS501

The song is the only song of its genre which I have liked. I dunno, but the melody is quite catching.

4. Keyword — JaeJoong

I know you’re famous TVXQ, but it isn’t nice to make money by have about 5 singles in a month. You should have seen me drooling at the CDs in Artist Gallery. But nice work JaeJoong!!

5. Classic — KCM

One word: classic. XD

6. Love Song — SJ-M

Its not a Korean song strictly, since its in Chinese. I can’t say it is well sung, but the melody is nice.

7. L.O.V.E — Brown Eyed Girls

OLD song, but still nice. I need you~~~ I love you~~~~~

8. Miracle (Chinese Ver.) / Happiness (Chinese Ver.)– SJ-M

I can understand it at last!!!!

9. Purple Line — TVXQ

Can’t get enough of YunHo’s sexy moves…

10. Baby baby — SNSD

Like always, I leave this place for a friend or sibling. This time its my sis… So congratz SNSD??


3 Responses to “Top ten Korean Songs for This Week — Exam Edition”

  1. LOL. the chi vers song is neva in my list. haha

  2. btw. the remix is not old~~~ baru come out. original is old de

  3. you said u updated?????????? mana ada?

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