Top ten Korean songs. For this week.

1.  Love Sick — F.T.Island

Oh I love HongGi so much in the song!!!! I hope the one he’s singing about is me…

2. Purple Line — TVXQ

JunSu I love your English.

3. A man’s first love follows him to the grave — F.T.Island

Didn’t change. Lovely song.

4. This Fool — Wonder Girls

New song. And its high in the list. A new hit by WG after Tell Me, and its equally as addicting. SunYe’s getting prettier.

5. Until you return — F.T.Island 

I’m still addicted to the MV…

6. Miracle — Super Junior

CY’s been downloading the performances and I’m looking forward to it.

7. Last Farewell — Big Bang

Bacause I failed to learn the dance moves… Joking. Just got bored of it.

8. Marry You — Super Junior 

I wanna marry someone~~~ Its Valentines Day soon…

9.  Tell Me — Wonder Girls


10. Hug — TVXQ

I love the “In my heart, in my soul” part


One Response to “Top ten Korean songs. For this week.”

  1. hey do you have ft islands album if you do could you send it to me via the email i left? much appreciated! 🙂

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